Job Process
Free consultations in Atlanta and the north Atlanta metro region - including Alpharetta, Duluth, Roswell, Johns Creek, Norcross, Dunwoody, Buckhead, and Lake Lanier areas.

The happy client:  Decorative painting can range from a full-room mural to a small painted element.  No matter the project scope, my goal is always to have a client happy with the final product.

The perfect design:  Accomplishing this goal depends on finding a design to fit the location, room's style, and client's preferences and personality.  Inspiration can come from a family photo, magazine picture, favorite vacation spot, or decorative item in the room.  I also use mural books and a portfolio of mural examples to help understand the client's vision.

Manor House Murals, LLC:  An established, professional business with the highest standards in product and dealings with clients.  Insured and licensed.

Steps to take a mural, trompe l'oeil, or decorative design project from conception to completion.

Step #1
A phone conversation with the client to get a general understanding of the project.  If there is mutual agreement to proceed, a consultation and site visit will be scheduled.

Step #2
Consultation with a site visit - Includes discussion of client's ideas, job scope, style, color palette, time and cost constraints.  I'll bring books, pictures, and other reference materials to propose ideas and clarify the client's wishes for the project. 

Step #3
Design stage - A non-refundable $50 design fee (more, for larger projects) is due before design begins.  I will do further research then create sketches of designs, often offering several options.  Based on client feedback, the selected sketch will be worked in greater detail and presented for client approval. 

For convenience, sketches are usually presented in digital format over the internet.  I can also provide the unique option of superimposing the sketch on photos of the mural site to help the client visualize the effect. 

On occasion, a color rendering of the design may be done at additional cost.

Step #4
Client acceptance of design, milestones, and cost structure - The contract is signed, a deposit is paid by the client, and a start date is reserved.  This initiates a flurry of preparation, unseen by the client, but which is necessary to have a successful, professional, smoothly running project.  I'll make additional sketches of details, work out colors and techniques, and enlarge drawings to be ready for transfer to the project surface.  Supplies are purchased, organized, and packed with all the equipment needed on the job site.

Step #5
Painting of the project -  Before I arrive, the client is responsible for clearing the project area of furniture and other items to give adequate work space.   During painting, open paint containers will be on the floor, so pets and unattended children must be kept away from the room.  I love to have the client see the project as it evolves and will make minor adjustments; however, most changes made in this phase will result in additional charges.

Step #6
Painting completed and final payment due.


The cost of murals and trompe l'oeil depends on size, subject, detail, and location. 
 Prices start at $350.

References from my many happy clients available on request.

Contact me and we'll get started creating original artwork for your home or business.
Interior designers welcome.

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