Painting Gallery   These paintings are not for sale at this time, but are shown as examples of artistic skills and design elements which can be incorporated in my murals.  I will paint similar subjects on consignment. 
Please contact me to request a painting.


Still life paintings

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Fruit Bowl 
Fruit Bowl
Oil, 14x11
TeaTray.jpg (23629 bytes)
Tea Tray
Oil, 20x16
BirdBathPastel.jpg (12898 bytes)
Alabaster Bird Bath
Pastel, 14x11
SiennaStudy.jpg (23277 bytes)
Sienna Study
Oil, 16 x 20
SpringPlanting1.jpg (27930 bytes)
Spring Planting
Oil, 20x16
PurpleFlowers.jpg (26462 bytes)
Purple Flowers
Oil, 16x20


Portrait Paintings

GirlsBack.gif (53332 bytes)
Girl's Back
Oil, 12x16
KCRenaissance.jpg (26717 bytes)
Portrait, Renaissance Style
Pastel, 11x14
KConBench.jpg (21681 bytes)
Oil, 12x16

Oil, 14x18
SeatedMan.jpg (10305 bytes)
Portrait, Man Seated
Oil, 11x14

Detail of Nude
Oil, 16 x 20

Study of Young Girl
Oil, 9x12


Landscape Paintings

Vineyard.jpg (53987 bytes)
Oil, 20x16
BirdsinPineDetail.jpg (47506 bytes)
Detail from Birds in Pine Tree
Oil, 14x11
ReflectedHouses.jpg (16618 bytes)
Reflected Houses
Oil, 16x12
WhiteChurch.jpg (23609 bytes)
White Church
Oil, 16x20
ManorHouse.jpg (30281 bytes)
Manor House
Oil, 20x16

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